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For Buyer

1. MyBike reserves the right to cancel your listing without explaining any reason(s)

2. MyBike may ask for more information before processing your listing

3. Any offer/deal can end anytime without prior notice.

4. MyBike does not take any responsibility of the item condition, authenticity or validity of documents.

5. Full transaction is entirely as per contract between buyer and seller and MyBike does not bear any liability, obligations or responsibility with regard to the same.

6. Please refer to the item checklist before you meet seller for the successful transaction closure.

7. Buyer is responsible for reaching out to seller and coordinating the transaction closure process.

8. Buyer and seller are responsible for following all the rules and regulations according to the law of Vietnam for buying, selling, transferring ownership and registration.

9. Buyer will be responsible for any insurance required by law.

10. There may be additional costs involved for transfer, registration and other services – all these will be borne by the buyer.

11. The loan application will be processed in due course of time and approval is subject to discretion of the partner institution to whom the application will be dispatched.

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