1. Put a price of the item you want to sell.

2. Showcase your item with good quality images.

3. Showcase your item with good quality images. High quality images are the key factor to make your listing standout among thousands of listing. Good images give a better experience to buyers to decide on an item.

4. Upload at least 3 to 4 photos of your motorbike from front, back and both sides to help buyers in making final decision.

5. Fill in as much as detail information while creating a listing.

6. Become a registered seller with proper information. It helps to get higher consideration from buyers.

7. Keep your listing for longer period to increase your chances to sell.

8. Please go through the seller FAQ’S if you have any doubts.

9. Please pay full attention to your information to win credibility with the potential buyers.

10. Please use social media to promote your listing at MyBike.

11. Please use all correct details about your listing to avoid any confusion. The listed item information should match the actual condition of the item.


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